Are your courses certified
What is a normal respiratory rate for an adult?
Do I need to wear PPE?
Are any of your first aid courses 100% online?
What should be in a first aid kit?
How do I call for help in an emergency?
What is the difference between a baby and a child for first aid?
What are the signs of a stroke?
What should I do if someone has a seizure?
Are your courses suitable for care home staff?
Will I get sued for doing first aid on a member of the public?
How do I know when to give the epi pen?
Has the practical assessment changed through Covid 19
When do I see a Dr?
How do I prepare food for baby led weaning?
Do I need to have existing knowledge to attend a course?
When should I give me child calpol?
Do I need to do a written test?
I wan to attend an open course but can I bring my baby?
My certificate is about to run out but I can't get training, what shall I do?
What measures are in place to protect me from Covid 19?
I have lost my certificate, can I get a replacement?
What is a normal temperature?
How do I know when I need to give an epipen?