First Aid for Children and Teens

Safety First Welling brings fun First aid courses for children in Bexley and South East London

  • Essential Life Skills For Children
    • First Aid for children aged 4 - 10

      Our first Aid workshops have been designed to teach children essential life skills, helping them to feel confident in an emergency situation. This is really important in an age when there are more young carers in society.

      Child friendly manikins are brought to all workshops.

      Each child will learn:

      • how to call help,
      • how to approach an emergency,
      • CPR,
      • how to manage choking,
      • burns
      • bleeding
    • First Aid for Teens

      If your child is 10 or older they will be taught the skills that are in line with the key stage 3 recommendations.

      • CPR
      • AED use
      • Managing an unconscious casualty
      • Choking
      • Bleeding
      • Burns
  • Course Content

    With fake blood and bandaging galore what’s not to enjoy?

    Course Content
    Skills practiced
    • Chest Compressions
    • Check Breathing
    • Check Responsiveness
    • Help when choking
    • Bleeding
    • Burns
  • Course Pricing

    First aid for children - £10 per child

    First Aid for teens - £15 per child

    There is a sibling discount of 10%, just enquire on booking

    Course Pricing
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