About Me

  • My name is Keri Hartwright and I am a qualified paediatric nurse with many years of hospital and community experience. I am also a mum to a beautiful 5 year old girl who has tested my first aid knowledge and skills on a number of occasions.

    I have a passion for teaching and sharing information. I have been running first aid training courses for 3 years.  I am the training partner for More2Childcare

  • Why is first aid important?

    I believe that first aid should be good quality, affordable and accessible to everyone.  I have seen first hand the difference knowledge can make to someone’s life on a number of occasions, particularly the day I stopped my friend’s son from choking.

    I believe my paediatric nursing experience, both current and past gives my sessions a bit of an edge as I can offer real life examples.  I am currently rolling out a resource for teaching children how to do first aid something I think is absolutely essential.

    I know that as a mum I would do anything to protect my daughter and I think first aid is extremely important. With the latest law changes in regard to Millie’s Law, first aid is now a legal requirement for all Early Years Practitioners who work with children.

  • What Can I Offer?

    I can offer accredited first aid training courses through Qualsafe which have been regulated by Ofqual. I also offer non accredited courses.  All my training has been quality assured to ensure my delivery is up to standard.

    I keep my knowledge and skills up to date through regular CPD and by working in the Emergency Department.  I am a member of Anaphylaxis UK and Association of First Aiders 

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