What should I do if someone has a seizure?

Asked by Candidate

There are a number of different types of seizure, if someone has a complex seizure or a tonic clonic  seizure they will call to the ground or be on the ground jerking and twitching.  They will not respond to you and you may see their eyes roll back.

When they are having a seizure:

  • protect their head
  • make sure they are safe
  • time the seizure and call 📞 999
  • don’t restrain them
  • Don’t put anything in their mouth.

Whrn they come round put them in the recovery position or keep them sitting down until they are alert.  Check them for any injuries

You should call an ambulance if:

  • The seizure lasts more than 5 minutes
  • they have a second seizure
  • you don’t know they have seizures