How to manage the heat with a baby or small child

Posted by Keri Hartwright
Last updated 16th June 2022
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  • Top Tips
    • How often should they be fed?

      If the baby is breast fed keep offering the breast more often than usual, remember that breast milk is both their food and their drink.

      If they are bottle fed keep offering the feed as normal.  If they are still needing feeds offer some cooled boiled water (

      Signs of dehydration would include

      • Less wet nappies
      • the baby becoming floppy and lethargic
      • The skin may look paler than normal
      • They may have dry lips.
    • What should they wear?

      Knowing how to dress them can be tricky, in the heat it is a bit easier than the cold as you can dress them in light clothing at home.

      When out and about keep their limbs covered with loose fitting clothing and put a hat on their head.

      Do not put a blanket over their buggy to provide shade as it can cause them to over heat.

    • How can I deal with a hot room?

      The recommended temperature is 18 degrees, but during hot spells rooms can get really hot at night.

      A few things you can do are

      • Keep the curtains closed during the day
      • Ventilate the room using a fan which circulates cool air.

      Sometimes there is little you can do about the temperature.

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