What should I keep in my home for first aid?

Posted by Keri Hartwright
Last updated 28th January 2021
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  • Things I would recommend?
    • Thermometer- temperatures are common in childhood so a decent thermometer is a must - do you own research to find out which one you think is best.
    • Something to manage a temperature - paracetamol suspension or ibuprofen - get the shops own, no need to spend a lot on a brand name.
    • Plasters - all children love a plaster, but be aware of allergies.
    • Dioralyte in case your child gets a vomiting bug or diarrhoea.
    • Something you can use for an ice pack - perhaps a gel pack or something.
  • Things I wouldn't recommend
    • Germolene, savlon, TCP - no known benefits and they are not sterile once open so water is equally as good to clean a cut.
    • Cough medicine - hot squash, honey and lemon or some other soothing remedy is equally as good. These will not cure a cough at all.